Welcome home! Thank you for visiting my online gallery at olessiamaximenko.com Please enjoy all that my gallery has to offer. In the Image Library you can find many pictures of paintings and some mosaics that I have made. In the Shop, you will find artwork that is available for sale. While some of the available artwork is ready to be picked up or shipped from my home studio, much of the work is on loan to other establishments. You can see and purchase my works in Hagan Fine Art Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina; in Connely Gallery in Washington, Georgia; or in my barn studio at home at The Old Wilkes Mill in Washington, Georgia.

At home in the doorway of my barn studio: Parker Studio.


My full name is Olessia Vladimirovna Maximenko. I was born in 1980 in Komsomolsk On Amure in the far East of Russia. I was formally educated in the visual arts as a girl growing up in Komsomolsk. I have been painting for most of my life… My life today is different from when I was a little girl, but my love for art has come with me and will continue to live on… I live and work at the old Wilkes Mill and Feed Company in Washington, Georgia. My art studio is a great big barn named Parker Studio. It used to be the heartbeat of the milling and packaging operation here on our property. I live here in an old warehouse converted to a modern loft style home. I live with my Husband Rob, and our sons Zack and Robbie.