Pearlz Boustier, Gallery wrapped giclee, 30×30, $1200.


If you have ever stopped in at Pearlz Oyster Bar on East Bay Street, West ashley, or Columbia, you probably noticed this wonderful painting entitled “Pearlz Boustier” hanging over the bustling bar. This painting, as well as the murals and other paintings hanging in the original restaurant, were all created by Olessia Maximenko.

“Pearlz Boustier has garnered so much attention by covetous art lovers, that Olessia has created beautiful giclee prints on canvas. Please contact us with any questions or requests. Thanks for your interest.

4 Replies to “Pearlz Boustier, Gallery wrapped giclee, 30×30, $1200.”

  1. Hi Olessia,
    I was at Pearlz in Avalon, near downtown Charleston last night and fell in love with your painting. I was sitting at the bar just feet away from it. I am moving in a couple of months to a new home and will try to locate a wall for one of your giclee prints. Not sure at this time what size I will need. Love your work!

    Jim Bragonier

  2. Добрый день!
    Возможно ли данную картину купить в размере 40х40?

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